This is a slogan for Trogir.

Trogir is a picturesque old town where every stone is a monument rounded by parks, with its coast all sides by the sea. Trogir, a city museum is situated on the Adriatic coast in the heart of Dalmatia. At each step, exudes history.

There are about 13000 inhabitants engaged in shipbuilding, tourism and fishing.  The marina has 200 berths and a lot of additional facilities for boaters who frequently visit it.

Trogir lies on a small island between the mainland and the island of Ciovo, connected by bridges. It is connected with all towns in Dalmatia by Adriatic road .

Because of the position and nature of protection, Trogir is favorite harbor for boaters.

As they near the airport and highways, not one place, no port, nor an island are not far enough that it could be avoided.

Adding to all those sunny days, that's an ideal destination for adventurous exploration of Dalmatia, lazy vacation, getaway from the mainland, and wandering in his waters.

Tourist committed town has a good range of accommodation in various hotels, apartments and private houses, adorned by beautiful sandy beaches.

Since 1997. was located in the UNESCO register of cultural heritage due to its historical monuments.

Trogir, as the city that bears the title of best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic town of Central Europe, which is why it is included on UNESCO's World Heritage list offers plenty of sights worth visiting and see.

Among the sites offered are:
• Cathedral of St.. Lawrence with Radovan's portal,
• tower Kamerlengo,
• City Gate,
• Cipiko, Town Hall,
• St. Nicholas sazbirkom art "Kairos",
• City Museum,
• Art Collection, and many other attractions.